HOA Department

Land Title Guarantee Company has a specialized team that helps with timely, worry-free delivery of HOA documents that comply with the Homeowners’ Association document disclosure contract requirement. Three simple steps and you will have your requested documents.

  1. When placing your title order, let Land Title know that you would like us to handle HOA Document Delivery. *Note: a one-time fee will be collected at closing.

  2. Choose a Delivery Method:

    • Linked Email Delivery (email delivery at no additonal charge; includes links to view and download all documents.)
    • Documents on CD or Paper Copies (Additional courier or overnight delivery fees apply)
    • View, download and print documents online via Land Title's secure transaction management system.
  3. Land Title provides the HOA documents to all parties as requested, then automatically notifies the listing agent when the documents are delivered.

Even if you are not closing with Land Title, our services are available for your use. We are your trusted source of information.

Email hoa@ltgc.com or call 303-488-2573 for more information or contact your local sales representative.